I always watch other swings.  First, you never know what you might see and learn from, and second, you never know the horrors of what some people do in order to hit a little stationery ball, and you should know so you do not make those moves.

Talking about moves.  NOTHING EVER WRITTEN about golf states that the  view of a good golf swing involves a lot of movement coming from all parts of your flailing body!!!  Seriously folks,  dancing is good for the living room or the dance floor, but definitively NOT in any golf venue– golf course, driving range, garage practice or living room practice, or golf dreams about your swing.  I would say flailing and erratic movements are the number one tragedy amongst too many golfers.  The swing is meant to be a somewhat smooth event, with basically 2 distinct parts, the Backswing and the Follow-through.

Why not call a piece of the swing, the “Down Swing.?”  I see so many people basically hit the ball and stop shortly after contact with the ball, or at best very abbreviated follow-through.  So, the Backswing should be slow and purposeful.  You are getting the club into a position of a bat in a baseball swing…the bat gets set at the beginning of the swing point, and then you let it go, through the ball and around your shoulder as you smack the ball and turn COMPLETELY.  Well, the golf swing is exactly like the baseball swing in many ways.  That is why lots of baseball players are good golfers !!!

So, pull the club back slowly, take a very slight and naturally feeling pause at the top of the backswing.  So your hands are somewhere parallel to the level of your right ear (reverse for lefties) and then your mission is to smoothly have the club wind up parallel to the level of your left ear…when your swing is at the end of the follow through, you should be facing your target and be up totally on your toe.  Fred couples once said about generating club head speed that you get your hands from your right ear to your left ear as quickly as possible.

Just trying to help you get the thinking wheels going and get away from herby jerky movements…THINK SMOOTH AND ON TARGET.

For the next 3 weeks I will down in the Palm Desert area, and I will attempt to shoot at least another 4 or 5 videos.  All of my first 5 instruction vids are now available on this site.  Take a peak or visit youtube.com/c/mortkazel.

Do all this and keep learning, and soon you will “ALWAYS HIT ‘EM DOWN THE MIDDLE.” !