Just finished figuring out how to identify and change the titles of the Video Golf Lesson series so they are recognized as videos instead of commentary.   I will begin shooting another set down in Palm Springs over the next week.

I will strive to make this a good and valid site for sound and time-honored golf advise and explanations of the swing and why we play this insanely addictive game.  I will encourage you and shout at you, and I will attempt to do what I can, to use my knowledge of the game and the swing to aid you in your quest to figure all of it out…oh, by the way, neither you nor I will ever figure it all out, but the fun is in the challenge.

So, grab your clubs and get to the course.  Practice.  Play.  Pray.  And follow forebettergolfscores.com for solid advise, humor, stories and just all golf.  ALL GOLFERS OR GOLF-CENTRIC OR INTERESTED FOLKS, PLEASE READ AND PLEASE FOLLOW.

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