We all occasionally or more frequently hit a bad shot, a poor shot, an ugly shot!!!  Well, I could keep firing adjectives describing a shot that is not up to what we were looking for, but we know…it hurts my brain and I am sure most of you.  The folks that don’t shrug off the feeling of a bad shot are either dead, numb, or zombied !!!!

The angrier you get and the longer you maintain the anger, the more you will melt.  I like those instant and quick responses, like slam a club into the ground or your golf bag, or just scream for a few seconds–a loud shrill works well and tends to get you refocused and onto your next shot.  That is the deal, you must MOVE ON  to your next shot, with the focus totally on that shot, NOT THE ONE YOU JUST BLEW!

I am insane with this part of golf.  However I have learned through many years, of the psychology of this bad shot syndrome and seeing a lot of folks let a bad shot or 2 affect many subsequent holes in a negative way.

So, advice on this comes with difficulty and trying to stay away from the clichés.  I suggest a great way to move on is that….you must go to your next shot and hit a good one, with a good swing, or you could just go to the 19th HOLE, and that will do the trick.  Blame your bad back and bend your elbow with your favorite bourbon, and just forget about your next shot!

No, No.  Have a quick scream and then observe where your next shot is going to be played from.  You may not know the exact distance for your next shot until you get to the ball, but start thinking an approximate distance and club.  As you are moving to the ball’s location, observe path of next shot; bunker locations, water, slopes, etc.  Now your mind will start to go into the next shot and all will be o.k.  A good next shot usually helps the recovery process from the bad shot and helps get you refocused on a good swing, good pace.  Not some quick, uncontrolled and  violent swing.  Turn back, turn through to full finish.  Slow backswing, and then fire the clubface up to a full follow through.

Now, you will be calm again as you know what your job and method will be, to smack your next shot, and as usual, “ALWAYS HIT ‘EM DOWN THE MIDDLE.”