First, my apologies for not creating any new videos, but I found my Palm Springs environ to not be good for shooting, so since the weather is improving, I will set up outdoors at home again next Tuesday.

So, just some conversation.

Tiger.  Another injury or just not getting the feeling yet.  I know of the pain Tiger speaks about, because I have shared a similar type of injury and lived with it for over 30 years.  All from golf.  It comes and goes and has laid me up for up to 6 months here and there through the years, lending to a lot of physical therapy, exercise, good diet, etc.  I love Tiger and have since he first came onto the tour, like so many other fans, I hope he will be fine, but this will now linger with him forever.  Look at Freddie Couples.  I believe Tiger will never and should never, play a full schedule again, or anywhere near it.  Cut back his gym workouts and anything that is going to jar the back, and definitely hit far less range balls. Also, shallower divots or no divots…the back must be protected.

To Callaway…the Epic is a great looking club and looks like a solid structure, but the green on the undercarriage is a bit much….Ghostbusters Green !!!  Yuck, even though you do not see the color when you are driving, but????  Yuck.

Please try to eliminate the golf deal with FOX.  The announcers are far from golf experts and the coverage just was horrible, down to following the ball.

My golf blog has never been political nor will it, other than to admonish any golfer that brings politics of any kind into it.  So, when I saw an interview on the Golf Channel with Rocco Mediate several days ago, who I have watched and enjoyed and liked for years, I became quite dismayed.  This interview, half dedicated to Rocco’s love affair with Trump should hopefully cost Rocco THOUSANDS OF FANS, and I hope the blowback on Rocco is big….not all golfers are for Trump.  His record in first 10 days is a nightmare, and Rocco flung all this in our faces.  If Trump was nice to Rocco, great, but Trump is so rude to most Americans that this fealty to Trump from Rocco was sickening.


I have never seen so many really strong young golfers, in one contingency…not ever.  And they are coming from all over the world…Want to see a great swing from a young and strong player….check out Matsuyama.  Just a classically great swing with a wonderful set pause at the top.  Just perfect.  The set locks in the power for the release…THINK ABOUT THAT, AND WHILE YOU DO THAT, PLEASE, “ALWAYS HIT ‘EM DOWN THE MIDDLE.”!!!

See you in a few days.