There are many folks who play less than 10 rounds per year.  A lot of people play less than 6 rounds per year.  With that comes a presumption that practice would also be quite restricted, and I would bet no more than 2 or 3 raucous trips to the driving range per year to work on a swing that never gets established in any consistent way.  Now, throw in no more than 30 minutes per year on the practice putting green, AND YOU WANT CONSISTENCY??

I was asked to attempt to write about this subject from a good friend at a Super Bowl party last week.  He plays 2-3 rounds a year and would like to feel that when he plays he will strike the ball well enough and often enough to gain some satisfaction with playing the game and not feel lame….like the time playing was worth it because the experiential feeling was positive!!

The most important golf skill you need to develop for consistency in ball-striking is a REPEATABLE SWING.  So when you do not practice much at all, and play rarely, does this wish for consistency have any merit or chance to happen in reality…ANSWER : YES!!!

2 requirements.  First, learn a very basic swing.  Look at a Butch Harmon tape for a great basic swing, that is easy to understand….I personally have 5 videos and more coming if the rain ever stops, and those can be accessed at or  You need to have a slow backswing, slight pause at top of swing, and then swing speed is unleashed on the downswing rather than being expended on the backswing, but you MUST keep it controlled.  The body TURNS BACK AND THROUGH ALL THE WAY TO A FULL FOLLOW THROUGH.  Keep your head focused on the back of the ball, and your swing is around your head.  Try not to sway, but turn around your head.  A  controlled swing that stays in balance is important.  Watch any videos of good golfers and just try to mentally emulate…sort of like Music Man, learning to play an instrument without having one.

Next, you MUST at least take, say 25-50 swings per day, WITHOUT A CLUB.  Just use your imagination and feel.  Do not take wild John Daly swings or little crunched up swings.  Get arms extended back and thru and turn.  There is your swing.  Easy.  Find a good swing to emulate and use that swing as a guide in your practice swing sessions.


There is a 3rd thing.  Get yourself a putting mat, with or without an auto ball return and practice in your living room.  Practice 3ft, 6ft and 10ft putts.  A good putting stroke, well-practiced in your own home will stay with you for your whole golf life!!!

You can do 50 swings while watching any television show.  Put on Golf Channel.  10 minutes.  Do not rush…you are trying for muscle memory, so do the swings patiently and correctly.

If you do the above, and create that small allocation of time at least 5 days per week, you will develop a swing that can go to the golf course and make a good showing.  And you will also find that you will begin to “ALWAYS HIT ‘EM DOWN THE MIDDLE.”